wooden goods made lovingly for your littles

My life has always been one creative, cozy little mess. While I've always had the pull to get my hands in and create something new and beautiful, I've never had the focus to stay. Should I be an artist like my mother? A seamstress like my grandmother? A woodworker like so many others in my family? Nothing called to me in the depths. Then two years ago, something magical happened, I became pregnant with my little boy and a switch flipped deep in my heart. I began scouring the Internet for things that I wanted to cocoon him with and for the world I wanted to create for him. I wanted his world to feel safe and special and I wanted it to last, to be able to transition from one stage to the next. I found this to be so important starting my little family. Handmade toys cost money, they take time, they need to last. I began sewing little loves for him: quilts, blankets, and rompers. I started piecing together toys for him: blocks, teethers, play things. I knew this was something I could get behind. Creating for all the little loves out there, something safe and natural but with style that will last. My style is and always has been very minimal. If you walk into my house you will see white walls, lots of wood and neutral furniture. I want my baby things to fit in well with this aesthetic. You won't find lots of patterns in this shop. What you will find are the classic things that you can pull out year after year, baby after baby. You will find wood, chambray, linen, plaid: the classics. We hope to be a place you can always stop in and say, "yes, this can stay."

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