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Lacing Bead Set


Help your little one learn manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, counting, matching and patterns. Children find joy and satisfaction in repetition.  Even after your child has mastered this lacing bead set, you will find they come back to it often, and the way they choose to use it reflects the stage of their development.  They may chose to sort by bead type, make a pattern, or perhaps they need a break from the heavier things they are learning and find it relaxing to unwind with fine motor work. 

This lacing bead set is such a fun teaching tool for your little ones.  Your young child may need a little help the first few times with you, for example, holding the string or starting the bead on the string, but soon they will be impatient to do it themselves!

Recommended for ages 3 and up, beads are a choking hazard.  

    • Set includes 15 large beads of three different types and two strands of leather lace all neatly together in a muslin bag.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Magical / Beautiful / just YES

I offered this lacing bead set to my 3 year old for Easter. She instinctively knew what to do, and has been gravitating towards quietly lacing all throughout the day. I cannot recommend this enough! It's like magic to watch your child explore / think / learn on their own, right before your eyes.

Lovely wooden beads

Beads are absolutely lovely. I loved that there was a smaller and larger set. The included leather cord was somewhat disappointing- I wish they were a little longer or sturdier (thicker gauge).

Kelsey B.
Perfect fine motor toy for preschool/toddler age!

These are so aesthetically pleasing and fun, and- most importantly- useful for children. My son loves this set!

Monica H.
Awesome kit for kids

Beautiful bead set. My kids (5, 2) both enjoy it, so I know this will be well-loved for at least few years.

Stephanie S.
Great fine motor tool!

My son loves his new threading set! I recommend it to all my friends with close to 3 year olds! Great skill to teach them!