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        • September 08, 2018 On Building A Rhythm
          On Building A Rhythm Autumn is a time of renewal and refreshment, little pockets full of the season’s treasures:  fat acorns, conkers, and fiery, fallen leaves. After the hurried, frenzied pace of summer, where the focus is ever outward, ever onward, Autumn brings with it a slowed pace and a beginning of the turn to our inward being.  Our inner flame begins to shine again, small at first but ever growing as we near Winter. This inward movement is a wonderful time for a rhythm refresh, or to begin the journey towards one if you’ve never had one before. The idea of creating a rhythm can seem daunting at first, but in reality you likely have the bones of a rhythm in place and simply adding structure to it and writing it out will solidify your days tremendously.
        • April 02, 2018 Spring Nest + Explore Newsletter
          Spring Nest + Explore Newsletter We are in the thick of our Spring Rhythm and it feels so good to add some color back to our days.  My 2 and 4 year old's have been enjoying helping to clear away a spot for our garden, finding the earth so newly full of life again.  We have been reading all the Spring books, mainly checked out from the library.

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