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 Created with the intention of inviting wonder into children’s play.  We believe children are naturally creative and imaginative, and toys should simply help spark their play -- not direct it.  You will find beautiful, unique, hand-crafted goods in our shop that you will wish to keep for many generations to come.  Our hope is you will find our toys fit seamlessly into your home, with no need to hide them away when guests arrive.  

Founder, and fellow mama, Terra Wood, began Wild Creek in 2015 while pregnant with her second child.  It was her desire to make toys parents could feel comfortable buying, wooden toys with simple design.  As her children began to grow out of baby toys, her interest for well-made and unique toys blossomed into a passion which has naturally flowed into Wild Creek.  Terra raises her children in a flexible, Waldorf style with loads of time outdoors, the place she feels children are most themselves. 

Wild Creek has a deep passion for the Earth and all of her resources.  We feel it is important to support organic, recycled and fair trade products.  We reuse boxes and packing material as often as possible, and we use One Tree Planted to plant over 1,000 trees a year!  We are always working hard to decrease our carbon footprint!  

Wild Creek products are sourced from all over the world, made by a real person's hands who is paid a fair wage.  Our products are played with by our own children, loved and given our quality approval.

Thank you for choosing us to inspire wonder in the tiny moments that connect with the heart of YOUR child!