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DIY Make A Wish Wishing Jar Birthday Card

DIY Make A Wish Wishing Jar Birthday Card

Without a doubt, my children's favorite birthday gifts end up being cards and other special little trinkets that their friends and loved ones have put time into.  I love this special Wishing Jar Birthday Card to add a little magic.  It's perfect if you're giving a gift card or just want to add some sparkle.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2-3 sheets of cardstock
  • Plastic Sandwich Bag
  • Clear Glue
  • Glitter in varying sizes
  • Water
  • Scissors

Step One

Wish Jar Birthday Card Instant Download

Print the Make A Wish Wishing Jar Birthday Card printable on a piece of cardstock.

Step Two

Cut out the mason jar from the printed paper. 

Step Three

Colored Watercolor Paper

At this point, you can either color in the letters and decorate the front of the card however you like, or cut the letters out of a second piece of printed cardstock and glue them on.  This part is up to you and your child!  Then cut the page to fit in the car behind the cutout mason jar.

Step Four

Supplies for Wishing Jar Birthday Card

Now take your plastic bag and fill it with about a tablespoon each of your varied-sized glitter, clear glue and water.  Then seal it up VERY well.

Plastic Bag filled with glitter and glue

Step Five

Birthday Card with glitter bag

Next, place the glitter-filled bag inside the card, centered on the cutout mason jar.  Roll up any extra plastic bag.  Place the colored paper face down on top of the plastic bag.   

Step Six

Using Shipping Tape or other tape that will seal well, tape the bag and paper to the inside of the card.  Then use a separate piece of cardstock and glue it to the inside of the card to cover up the plastic bag.

Tada, magic!  You're done!