Winter Waldorf Playlist

Winter Waldorf Playlist

The holiday season has ended but Winter has just begun. We have put together a few activities that will get everyone in the mood for a fresh start.

We packed away our decorations and tossed out the garland, decluttered in preparation for a new year and opened the windows to let in the fresh, Winter air. Winter is one of our favorite seasons: Jack Frost in the morning, warm sunshine through the windows in the afternoons. Here are a few activities we enjoy over the Winter months.

Take a Winter Hike

Two children hiking in a bare winter forest.

There is really nothing like a walk in the brisk, Winter air. We love hiking in the Winter. The trees have lost their foliage and there is so much to see. My little ones love to climb trees, balance on logs and make simple A-frame forts in the winter-time. Lately, our favorite hiking accessories have been a magnifying glass and a bird call. For the child who does not come naturally to hiking, we love the Nature Scavenger Hunt Cards. These cards give the child something to keep occupied and encourages them to see the variety nature has to offer.

A child looking through a wooden magnifying glass.

Make A Gift for The Birds

A bird seed ornament in the shape of a heart hanging on a tree.

After the gift giving and receiving over the holidays, a gift for our littlest friends will set the tone for a year of generosity. My two enjoyed making these treats, hanging them on trees outside their windows and watching the birds take delight. To make these treats you will need:

  • 2.5 cups bird seed
  • 1 cup shortening, melted (or lard)
  • wooden dowel cut into 2-inch pieces (a straw will also work)
  • twine
  • cookie cutters

A child filling cookie cutters with bird seed mix to make ornaments.

To make these bird seed ornaments, add bird seed to a bowl, pour shortening over and mix. Place your cookie cutters on a cookie sheet with a silicone mat or wax paper underneath. Pat the bird seed mix into the cookie cutters. Place your dowel pieces into the ornaments and make sure they have made a hole all the way through, this is where your twine will thread through to hang your ornament. Once your cookie cutters are packed, place the cookie sheet into your freezer to allow your ornaments to harden. Once hardened (approx two hours later), thread through your twine and make a knotted loop.

Take your bird seed ornaments out to your favorite trees and hang them. Your bird friends will soon find them and you will both find much enjoyment in the offering.

Listen to a New Playlist

The holiday season is full of such heartwarming music, I find we are all left needing something fresh and new for our ears to hear. Each season, I make a Waldorf playlist specifically geared towards your little ones but pleasurable enough for adult ears. This playlist is full of Waldorf songs about Winter activities, as well as friendship and love as we move towards Valentine's Day. You can pop over and hear the playlist on Spotify.

Warm Wishes on Your Winter Days

We hope these activities gift you with warmth through your Winter days. There is much joy and closeness with your family that can be found through the Winter season. Many blessings!