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Spring Nest + Explore Newsletter

Spring Nest + Explore Newsletter


We are in the thick of our Spring Rhythm and it feels so good to add some color back to our days.  My 2 and 4 year old's have been enjoying helping to clear away a spot for our garden, finding the earth so newly full of life again.  We have been reading all the Spring books, mainly checked out from the library.  Our favorites this year have been Plant a Little Seed, Butterfly Counting, Countdown to Spring! and Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt.



We stick to a very small capsule wardrobe for our two kids.  Each child has one drawer for all of their clothing, minus a Sunday best outfit that hangs in the closet for each.  I always have my eye out for well-made clothing my children can feel comfortable wearing.  We fell in love with Paulinka Kids last Autumn when we picked up a few of this mother + daughter duo's pieces for Esme.  This high-quality line is made with double cotton gauze, perfect for summer.  Their pieces are so fluid and easily match with other pieces in your child's collection.  Each piece is well made and so incredibly soft.  We picked out the Agnes Tunic Dress in Light Green and the Ula Blouse in white for Esme for summer, and they are already fast staples.  Check out Paulinka Kids!


"I began to realize that if I really paid attention to the quality of our days together, I could live them with more faith and joy, and fewer regrets for what might have been. If I took the time to notice things along the way, to really settle into my own life without always rushing ahead, it might be easier to weather the inevitable changes and challenges that came my way. And if we could find our own rhythm as a family, and follow it, we might all discover just what it is that is essential and meaningful in our lives." 
A few months ago, I picked up the book, "Mitten Strings for God" by Katrina Kenison and it was the beginning of a stirring in my soul for something different on my motherhood journey.  Life doesn't have to be so complicated, does it?  When we held that first babe in our arms, the life we envisioned wasn't a life of driving to and fro, buying every possible toy all in the name of enrichment.  It was peace and contentment, quiet hours reading with toddlers in our arms, chasing them in the freshly mowed grass of Summer.  Kenison's book took me there, helped me search my soul for the things that truly matter.  She illustrates how to cultivate a home of joy and wonder, and how to join our children inside the magical world they inhabit.  This book is a wonderful read no matter where you are on the road of mothering.  - Mitten Strings for God


"curiosity is an impulse that just taps you on the shoulder very lightly and invites you to turn your head a quarter of an inch and look a little closer at something that has intrigued you.  And it may not set your head on fire. It may not change your life. It may not change the world. It may not even line up with previous things that you’ve done or been interested in. It may seem very random and make no sense. And I think the reason people end up not following their curiosity is because they’re waiting for a bigger sign. And your curiosities sometimes are so mild and so strange. [laughs] And so — almost nothing, right? It’s a little trail of breadcrumbs that you can overlook if you’re looking up at the mountaintop waiting for Moses to come down and give you a sign from God." - Elizabeth Gilbert

I listened to an On Being Podcast featuring "Eat, Pray, Love" author, Elizabeth Gilbert and it gave me a real mind shift, definitely worth checking out.


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Thank you so much for reading our first edition of Nest + Explore!  We have been adding new beautiful goodies to our products for all of your Spring babes and we hope you will take a peak.  Shop Wild Creek Now.